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I am passionate about helping small business owners and artists who need help to shine online and off in a quick and affordable way. Whether you need branding, a website, marketing materials, styling advice or some training, I can help you to go from OK to WOW!



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"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."
what my clients are saying....

"It is appropriate that our new website was designed by a woman in Australia. In the same way You Go Girls! has grown through your sharing it with others, a fortuitous series of shared projects led to the door of Evie Foster. I have never met her or heard her voice although I hear it in my dreams reminding me of deadlines she has set for us. I know we would all like Evie. She is our kind of woman. She is fun and full of adventure. I love her bold belief in herself demonstrated in her tagline – I AM EVIE FOSTER. This woman knows who she is. She manages a singer, and has modeled, designed a line of clothing, and been a soldier. She is brave, feeling, smart, patient, professional and caring. I am grateful for her and the set of skills she brought to this project. Thank you Evie. I cannot wait to give you the hug you deserve. You ARE Evie Foster!"


Grayce & Co. is a collaborative space for  entrepreneurs who may not have the time, resources or skills to setup their own online store. Grayce will take it all out of your hands and showcase you online.


You will have your own page on the site, which will house your profile and your products and we will promote you on social media too. We have designed several packages to suit your needs.


We will take care of everything - all you need to do is submit your product details and get ready to send out those orders! 

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