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Hello, I’m Evie...


I am passionate about helping small business owners and artists who need help to shine online and off in a quick and affordable way. Whether you need branding, a website, marketing materials, styling advice or some training, I can help you to go from OK to WOW!

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what my clients are saying....

"It is appropriate that our new website was designed by a woman in Australia. In the same way You Go Girls! has grown through your sharing it with others, a fortuitous series of shared projects led to the door of Evie Foster. I have never met her or heard her voice although I hear it in my dreams reminding me of deadlines she has set for us. I know we would all like Evie. She is our kind of woman. She is fun and full of adventure. I love her bold belief in herself demonstrated in her tagline – I AM EVIE FOSTER. This woman knows who she is. She manages a singer, and has modeled, designed a line of clothing, and been a soldier. She is brave, feeling, smart, patient, professional and caring. I am grateful for her and the set of skills she brought to this project. Thank you Evie. I cannot wait to give you the hug you deserve. You ARE Evie Foster!"

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Do you have a special someone who is starting out in a new venture and needs an online presence?

Why not give them the gift of a beautiful site or marketing materials?

E-gift cards available in $250, $500, $1000 and $1500 amounts.
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