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BRAND new.

Coming into contact with so many incredible brands tells me that we as a society hold a strong value when it comes to creativity and aesthetic. Sometimes a brand is chic, trendy, hipster and or completely left of centre, creating cause for us all to stop completely in our tracks and think about the quintessential meaning of said brand.

Carving out a brand is exhilarating from brief to Brand delivery and never gets tiring for us here at Evie Foster. Which brings me to my next point.. when was the last time you took a serious look at your brand and fell in love with it all over again? Do you still swoon or skip a heart beat when you scroll through the layers of your brand? Does it represent who you have grown up to be?

Love is a beautiful thing, as is age, however there does come a point when you need to have a serious talking to yourself and assess honestly with an open mind and heart how your then brand in now being received. Is it still heart stopping? Do people still tell you they absolutely love your branding? Is there deep resonating passion for your style? Is your style still your style? Or is it time to elevate your brand image?

It is never easy as the owner of a brand to admit that your baby is now a little more grown up and sophisticated than that which you held dear to in it's inception all those years ago.

The absolute beauty in realising this need, is that this process does not have to be anywhere near as intense as creating the brand in the first place.

Elevating a brand to meet it's current age and consumer is more exciting than creating it in the first place. It means and shows that you are achieving success and that you are sharing the joy of that with the loyal community of customers and clients that you work with. It is as much about rewarding them as it is elevating their favourite brand.

BRAND new doesn't have to be a challenge, it should be viewed as a reward for all of your commitment and hard work!

Are you ready to BRAND new?

Evie x

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