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Custom Fit Jeans? - Yes Please!

It is often hard to find jeans that really fit. When you have bigger legs, butt or tummy than your waist, it can be really difficult to find a jean that isn't baggy at the waistline. So, when I saw these jeans I was curious to see just how they did fit.

The very clever designers at PQ Collection have reinvented the wheel and have just released the Custom Fit Frayed Denim Jean.

I am such a nerd when it comes to design and clever thinking, especially when it relates to making me look good!

These jeans are made for everyone up to an Australian 18 (I am a size 18-20 and they fit me well).

First of all, they are incredibly soft and comfortable - you do not even know that you are wearing jeans!

Made from 88% cotton, 33% polyester and 2% spandex.

One of the very, very clever things about this design is that they have an adjustable waistband with internal buttons inside waistline with three options of buttons - so good!

Just loosen them if you are feeling a bit full or tighten them up for a smaller waitline.

custom fit jeans
adjustable waistband

Together with this, they have a heavy duty lock zip on the side.

Just make sure you get it done up all the way to the top and then it will stay and do not do what I did and get your underpants stuck in there!!!!

PQ Collection Custon Fit Jean
heavy duty lock zip on the side seam

Then there is the eyelet lace opening at the front. Do up your zip, button your preferred button and the pull your laces - it sort of acts like a corset and pulls you all in! Amazing!

PQ Collection Custom Fit Jean
eyelet lace opening at front

So Darlings, the verdict is....


I bought mine from Ruby Rouge Boutique for just $89!!!! I think maybe I should get another - just in case!

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