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Style is Style.

Style has no age. Style has no size. Style has no colour. Style is style is style! I am not here to preach to you, that you should wear this with that, I am here to bring you the most stylish women in the world. Women who tell the world who they are by their style. Women who are brave, conservative, eccentric and everything in-between.

So, what exactly is stylish? Well to me, it is many things to many people and so, I am about to set out and find the designers, models, bloggers and everyday extraordinary women to bring them to you! I may even show some stylish places, rooms, businesses - the world is my oyster really!

Whether you are 50, 60, 70 or 80 and beyond, you should dress how you feel the most comfortable and fabulous. I am not here to tell you should wear this or never wear that - I am here to inspire you to OWN your individual style.

To me, the most stylish women, whether they be outrageous or conservative, are the women that own every ounce of their individual style - that is stylish.

So, if you are that person or know of someone that I should take a closer look at. please let me know. I will always be in search and am so very excited about what lies ahead.

With Peace and Love

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