There Are Sequins in the Sand

When writing this post, I wasn't sure whether I should have this under the Bloom category or the Superhero category but I think it really deserves both because the message is all about living your best life but the lady delivering that message is Anita McLachlan and she operates from the heart with love and care as she spreads her message of #cossieconfidence . Anita is a superhero!

After our first connection, regarding doing some business together, I think we had a mutual feeling of some sort of 'this was meant to be' and kept in contact until the time was right. When Anita reached out to me, last year and asked me to be involved in this amazing campaign, I didn't miss a beat. So, I worked with Anita to bring this all to life. Wow! What an experience it was, in more ways than one. Not only was I the creative director and the project coordinator - I modelled too!

I really did not give it much thought, you know, the part where I would need to show my body to the world. I was just in work mode and busy visioning up a storm and thinking of the amazing women that were doing this with us and of course, producing the best product for my client. It wasn't until the day before I was leaving and thinking maybe I should do a fake tan or shave some hair or pluck an eyebrow or something that I realised what I was about to do.