Firstly, I use WIX because it is a good quality product. I have been using WIX for several years and have never had any issue with them.  I believe that their company and product have grown in leaps and bounds and it is quite sophisticated now and even has the ability to use coding. 

The main reason I love WIX is because it is user friendly, so when clients prefer to maintain their own sites, it is far easier for them so do so and also, WIX has a great support and customer service portal. 

After building several sites, I decided to become an accredited WIX webmaster and undertook the appropriate training.    I do not often use a template but I do have a couple of tried and tested favourites - using them as a start point and building and adding until I reach my desired result for you.

There are many benefits of using WIX, that most people would not be aware of  and that are a definite bonus .  Listed below are just some of the WIX features.

You can have a call to action for clients to 

subscribe to the site and that information is collected and stored in your site. You can also organise those clients into different 

categories such as suppliers, customers and VIP's for example.  

You will have the capability to send newsletters or visually appealing promotional 

emails to your whole database with a click of a button or you could just select certain 

customers and sendout information that is

 specific to them.


Wix online store is easy to manage and control inventory.  In addition, all orders and progress of orders are stored in the back end of the site, so everything is easy and together.  



Create private and protected web pages that only you or specific members can enter.

The site will be optimised for a mobile friendly view, considering that it is said that more people are accessing information from their mobile devices these days.

Site analytcis will be set up  through Google analytics so that you can see and analyse your site traffic.  It will give you how they got there, where they are from geographically, even their demographics  e.g. sex and age range.

The site will have basic site SEO, with our goal being that when someone searches for you or your business, you will come up at least in the top 10 sites. That is the goal - not the promise! 



Successfully grow your website and business with powerful web Apps and services.



Easily add a beautiful and totally customizable blog to your site.

I have used Evie Foster's service for the last three years. I have multiple business entities going on with multiple directions of pull. Evie has always pointed out ways I can reduce stress and boost my productivity in legitimately creative ways. She is always there to answer questions I have for my business. 


Marco Mays

Image Manager