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your style

I believe that everyone has a style but some people don't have the confidence to own it or they get stuck under the laundry, children or their jobs. I can help you to work out what your style is and what makes you shine the brightest and most of all feel comfortable at the same time.

Maybe you are looking for love or stuck in a rut and want to revive your image. Just like selling a product, when in the dating world, you are selling YOU.  What does your look, social media, photographs say about you.  Do you have the right image to attract the right person into your life or attract the right client?

I promise to be gentle and make this a fun process and to make you feel like your BEST you!

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your style

Styling and Creative

One of my passions is styling and the whole creative process.  I have worked on some amazing projects, working with clients to bring their vision to life.

Talk to me about your next project or your own personal styling needs.

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Image by Cleo Vermij
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